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Eagle Coach Federal Coach
Hearse Limousine
XT5 Eagle Echelon XT5 Eagle Kingsley XT5 Eagle Limousine
XT5 Federal Renaissance XT5 Federal Heritage XT5 Federal Limousine
Full Vinyl Top Painted Half Vinyl Top
No Read Door & Load Door Load Door Only
No Drapes Black Neutral Titanium Blue Special
Madagascar Stormy Night Granite Burnt Strand Slate Sequoia Crema Mascarello Special
Closed Well Open Well
Vehicle Options
Drip Rails, Integrated Water Management System Crown Molding Stainless Steel Roof Band with Full Vinyl Top Crown Molding Stainless Steel Roof Band with Half Vinyl Top B & C Pillar Stainless Flag Staff Holders (Includes 2 Purple Funeral Flags & 2 American Flags) Light Bar, Amber or Purple LED, 22 in. 2-Bulb Strobe Kit, Amber 2-Bulb Strobe Kit, Purple 2-Bulb Strobe Kit, Clear 4-Bulb Strobe Kit, Amber 4-Bulb Strobe Kit, Purple 4-Bulb Strobe Kit, Clear Fender Strobes Electric Extend Table Manual Extend Table Load Door Nameplate Brackets Etched Glass Personalization Snap On Carpet Bumper Protection Personalized Load Door Embroidery
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